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HB 5521 will amend the state revenue sharing act to require local units of government to make information on government-owned or leased vehicles available to the public through a web site. If local governments fail to comply with this new record-keeping requirement, five percent or $1,000 per month, whichever is less, would be withheld in the state revenue sharing payments from each community. The bill would require township, counties, cities, and villages to maintain records on the following information and include it in an annual report by January 1, of each year. In preparation of compliance, Iron River Township has prepared the following:

Date of PurchaseDate of SaleYear, Make, ModelPerson Responsible for VehicleAuthorized UsersMileage previous yearTotal Mileage
1995 Taken off the road 1995, Ford 3/4 ton, 4x4 Maintenance Foreman, Township Supervisor All licensed staff Unknown, odometer broke 5 yrs ago at 134,000 Best guess 200,000
2001, Approx. Removed from Service 1987, Chev, S-10 Maintenance Foreman, Township Supervisor All licensed staff Unknown 65,000
2002 or 2003 Still in Service 2002, Dodge, 1 ton dump Ron Frobom, Mark Polley All licensed staff Best guess 44,000 59,000
2007 Brought in October 2006 2007, Chev Silverado 1/2 ton, 2 wheel drive Maintenance Foreman, Township Supervisor All licensed staff New 000,000

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