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FAQs on Township Utility Services

Dear Iron River Township Utility Users:

Please be advised that on October 2005 a new water policy/ordinance was adopted. This ordinance and developing policies are necessary to continue to provide utility services. The complete list of ordinances and their content is available for download or by contacting the township Clerk.

The most common questions generally asked about water policy are the following:

Question: Can I have my water shut off while gone for the winter or an extended period of time?

When a person wishes to have water service shutoff, continued monthly or quarterly payment is required even though the water is shut off. Shutoff and turnon fees remain in effect, if you choose to have this done by the township employees. You may completely disconnect from the water service only, not the sewer service, if you have sewer service. If you choose to disconnect from the water service, the tap valve will either be dug up and removed, or a locking cap placed on the access service valve. There will be a fee for this service. If you choose to connect at some future date the full tap-in fee will apply, plus the cost of installing your value and line. The township must inspect your contractors work before it is backfilled. It is recommended that you consider this in the value of your property’s marketability before decided to completely disconnect.

Question: Can I turn the water off myself?

Yes, you can. You can turn off your water service at any time using your personal on premises main shutoff valve. As above, water bill charges will still apply.

Question: I am renting my property to another party, can you put the water bill in their name and mail the bill to them?

The short answer is no. As the property owner, you are responsible for utility bills from the township. If your renter decides not to pay or is delinquent ti will cause later fees in which you end up being responsible for. In addition, when utility bills are left unpaid a lien can be attached to your property making your tax liability greater. This can affect your credit status. The township has no legal ability to collect on your behalf. Therefore, it is in your best interest to collect any charges from your renter making sure payments are paid and the account is in good standing.

Question: I have been notified that there is a water leak on my service line, who is responsible to fix it?

The user/customer is responsible for all repairs starting from the main line tap valve. When you have been notified of a water leak, you must have it repaired within a reasonable period of time, normally within 30 days or less. Excess water leaking causes potential hazzard to users in safety of water quality, water pressure, and utility costs.

Question: I have been told my service line has a water leak and the main line valve is on the opposite side of the road. Who pays to repair or replace the line under the road and how is this done?

As stated above, the user is totally responsible for all repairs regardless of where the line originates. The township does not own any roads. All roads, unless private, are under the control and jurisdiction of the county. It is advised that you contact the county road commission for the complete answer as to replacing a line under roadways.

Question: Am I allowed to have a well drilled for my water needs?

Yes, by all means. The township does not restrict the use or installation of wells for potable water supply.

Question: If I am having a water problem or suspect one, who do I contact?

The first contact person is the township foreman or main utility person. At present please call 906-284-2563, or the Office phone 265-9449.

Question: When I pay my bill, is it for future service?

Quarterly customers are billed in arrears. Monthly customers, which are the customer with sewer service, are bill for the current month.

Question: How can I pay my utility bill and when is it due?

You can pay my mail, or make your payment at the main branch of the Miners State Bank, or use our drop box located at the town hall. You can also make arrangements to pay either the Treasurer or the Clerk. Payments are due in full no later than the 25th of the month. If payment is not received in time, you will see both a late charge and the next month’s billing included on the next bill. A cut off date is necessary in order to process, bill and mail the next billing cycle. Please don’t be upset with our office if your payment arrives late.

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